Watch for Crabgrass In Your Lawn

A&D Service Group providing tip for a better lawn

Crabgrass is a difficult lawn invasive to manage once it makes its first appearance. It’s actually part of the grass family. Its prolific seed production makes for rapid spread and can continues despite regular lawn mowing at low blade heights. It is very adaptable and can be found on just about any turf.

Crabgrass shows up in the cooler days of late spring and early summer. Generally, it can best be controlled only by stopping its prolific seed production during the growing season and by creating healthy turf growth that can squeeze it out. Herbicides should be used as a last resort.

Crabgrass seeds germinate early in the lawn growing season, while the temperature is still fairly cool, The weed can grow to be up to a foot in diameter with long, spindly, forking leaves. It spreads out quickly over lawns and overtaking them, creating large holes in the lawn.

Rapid spread requires the help of lawn management professionals, and may, if the spread has gone too far, require removal and replacement of the turf with grass better suited to the soil.

Healthy lawn factors are important in any weed program, and particularly true with crabgrass. When first installing the lawn, select the right grass for your growing conditions and fertilize well. Watch for weeds and pull them at once to try to prevent seed production.

Once a lawn is well established, a combination of frequent watering and lawn mowing are important.

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