Residential Hardscape & Pavers

Enduring beauty, functional elegance

First Impressions

The exterior of your property defines most first impressions. If you're looking to make the right impression, look to A&D Service Group. We offer a variety of landscaping services for home owners throughout Westchester County & surrounding communities. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to showcase your landscape in a professional way.
A&D Service Group providing residential hardscaping and pavers in Westchester

The Possibilities Are Endless

Hardscaping is the use of any hard material — stone, granite, pavers, brick, or concrete — to add landscape features. It defines an aesthetic while also serving structural functions.

Done right, hardscape elements add a touch of beauty and enriches the experience you and your family, guests, and visitors will enjoy.  

The possibilities are endless. Imagine, for example…

  • A granite garden wall in summer sun bedecked in nasturtiums and fern
  • Smooth, handsome pathways that rise and fall away to a submerged patio, a stand of birch and larch, a small pond
  • The sheen of snow sparkling on you mosaic stone patio the morning after a snowfall

Smart Ideas and Talented Builders

This new, pandemic era has changed the contour of space and time. For many, it means much more time at home, often indoors. More than ever, the qualities in our outdoor environment provide much-needed comfort.

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