Residential Mulch Services

Enhance the appearance of your home


A&D Service Group will edge your garden with a mechanical edger to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, giving you the manicured look of a golf course. The lines between mulch and lawn stay smooth and clean with ongoing care. We remove all excess dirt or grass before the mulch application, and maintain clean edging throughout the growing season.
A&D Service Group Mulch and Rock Garden

Add the Finishing Touch

Mulching your garden beds and tree rings is essential to the appearance and health of your plantings. Proper mulching puts the finishing touch on your landscape. It also maintains moisture longer, keeping your plants safe in hot weather.

A&D Service Group Residential Mulch Spreader

Minimize Cost; Maximize Spread

AD Service Group creates an attractive, fluffy mulch spread. Using equipment not available anywhere else in the area, we are able to apply quality mulch products across a broader area, keeping your costs down.

The initial installation of mulch is an important investment. It lays the foundation for subsequent mulching applications. Periodic addition of mulch should be done throughout the growing season to refresh appearance and water absorption. These maintenance applications just top off what is already in place. Taken together, our entire mulching package is extremely price competitive. And you don’t have to do anything once the contract is signed. We keep you informed and send out hardworking, efficient crews dedicated to earning your satisfaction.

What are the of Benefits of Landscape Mulching?

  • Mulching will enhance the appearance of your home.
  • During the summer months, mulches work to keep the plants’ surface roots cooler, retain moisture and significantly reduce the soil temperature.
  • When mulch is applied thickly, along with quality paper, it will suppress light and curb the growth of weeds.
  • Depending on the type of mulch, it may act as a pest and insect repellent. 
  • Quality mulch, properly applied, promotes the nutrients needed for plantings to thrive in different conditions.
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