Large Scale Trucking

Moving heaven and earth

Plan It Right

We’re ready with the right equipment and the right skills. Let’s talk about your project and plan it right.
A&D Service Group trucking and heavy machinery company of Westchester

It Takes a Fleet

A&D Service Group has built a sterling reputation for quality. Part of that quality comes from building and maintaining a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles, modern, serviced, and ready for your job.

Our Heavy-Duty Hauling Equipment Includes:

  • Multiple tri-axle and small dump trucks
  • Peterbilt tractor-trailer with 44-yard Stargate trailer
  • Kenworth roll-off for excavators, skid steers, loaders, and dumpsters
  • 6-man Isuzu with dump body

Maneuverability on the Ground

Hauling heavy materials and equipment is just one piece of the job. Most projects require a flexible fleet of smaller vehicles to move materials, crew, and equipment. A&D Service Group keeps feet on the ground at all times with a fleet that includes:

  • Multiple skid steers to move tons of soil, heavy materials, and waste
  • Dodge Ram and GMC pickups
  • A Bobcat all-train vehicle with multiple attachments for brush cutting and site cleanup
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