Know-how is critical. So is equipment

The Right Machine for Every Project

A&D Service Group is equipped with skid steer loaders, compact excavators, compact utility vehicles, compact tractors, and other small hydraulic equipment.
A&D Service Group trucking and heavy machinery company of Westchester

Rugged and Ready to Move

Know-how is critical. So is equipment. And safety. We have all three.

That’s why A&D Service Group is the contractor of choice for many property owners and managers in New York’s Westchester County and surrounding areas. We plan every client project with care and carry it out with precision.

That includes advising you on the necessary permitting and utility company scheduling you’ll need to arrange before the job begins. And we’ll work with you on planning and scheduling, with contingencies for weather or other work disruptions.

Power and Maneuverability

We have skilled machinery and operators to handle clear-cutting landscape and area hazards, excavating, backfilling, raking, and grading. We use machinery such as the largest compact excavator in the Bobcat lineup, a Komatsu heavy loader, and a Caterpillar medium loader.

We operate skid steers for different uses. In tight spaces our compact utility loaders provide maneuverability for a range of jobs, such as trenching or leveling, without disrupting existing landscape elements. The compact track skid steer is a workhorse for lifting and transporting heavy materials, removing debris, installing and spreading materials, and other jobs of landscape installation or renovation.

Our Machines in Action

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