Emergency Services

365/24/7 We’re here when you need us

24/7 Emergency Response Team

24/7 Response to restore your exterior property. Our emergency response team (ERT) is set up to rapidly address all landscape emergencies, from storm damage, water runoff damage, or other mishaps.
A&D Service Group, emergency services of Westchester County, NY

We Meet the Challenge

A single call is all it takes to bring our crews on-site. When a big storm is on the horizon, we’re at the ready, around the clock.

Our customers know that we are proactive and thoughtful in working out emergency plans for staffing and logistics. We have the skilled people and the fleet of heavy-duty trucks and equipment, manage all kinds of challenges.

But every emergency presents new challenges. Auto accidents can down trees and walls. Wind and flooding can wash away embankments and flood low-lying landscapes. Fire or other disasters can disrupt months or years of property care.

We’re Ready

  • Water Management
  • Tree Damage
  • Debris Removal
  • Excavation
  • Shoring up Walls and other Hardscape Elements

We’re Ready

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