Commercial Mulch Installation

Mulch application speaks loads

Beauty is Just the Beginning

Avalon Green is a luxury apartment complex in Westchester featuring one-, two- and three-bedroom townhomes. A&D Service Group is an important partner to Avalon Green’s management team, providing year-round maintenance of plantings, walkways, patios, roadways and parking lots, and 24/7 snow removal and storm care.

Your Brand Deserves the Best Presentation

A&D Service Group has unique capabilities for mulching your beds and trees. Our unique technology creates a fluffy, aerated mulch blanket that does a better job of maintaining moisture and keeping weeds to a minimum.

Minimize Cost; Maximize Spread

Our approach and technology broaden the spread of the same amount of quality mulch at a fraction of the cost of normal spreaders.

Proper installation at the beginning of the growing season is important. It lays the foundation for subsequent mulching applications. Periodic addition of mulch should be done throughout the season to refresh appearance and maximize water absorption. These maintenance applications just top off what is already in place.

Taken together, our entire mulching package is extremely price competitive. And you don’t have to do anything once the contract is signed. We keep you informed and send our efficient crews out on schedule.  

Unique FINN BB5 Bark Blower

Among the many fine components in our fleet, our FINN Bark Blower is unique to the region. We use it to spread mulch, compost, and soil blends. The FINN produces a lighter and broader fall of material. The result is a better landscape appearance and more cost-effective maintenance.

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